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group fitness classes

The Royal Country Club team is delighted to offer a selection of health and exercise programmes to both members and visitors.

For the February class schedule please click here. 
Maximum 5 persons per class


The gentle yoga calsses at RGC weave setting intentions, mindful movement, breath awareness, meditation and rest into a complete experience. Classes are designed to align, strengthen, and promote flexibility through practicing sequences, standing and seated postures, twists, back bends, forward folds and hip openers. 
This yoga is for everyday and for every person. All levels, modifications offered. 

Get Up and Go

A great way to start your day! It will be a variation of your traditional circuit training as well as some more challenging new fitness formats designed to really test you and push you to reach your goals! This is a 45 minute class suitable for all fitness levels that will leave you feel fresh and energized for the rest of the day!

Sunset Reps

Finish your day strong and switch off after a busy day! After a long day of work we will do the thinking for you for this one and will put you through your paces for a tough 45minute workout. The session will be combine cardiovascular and resistance training and will vary in formats from class to class to keep your body guessing! Again this class is suitable for all abilities and although can be extremely challenging, you will be working at your own pace.


Bootcamp is our original and most popular fitness class. It is an energetic fun class that is suitable to all fitness abilities. The class incorporates simple body weight exercises as well as some slightly more advanced resistance exercises. Don’t let this put you off though, all exercises are broken down and coached in a safe environment.

Weekend Warriors 

New Class! Weekend Warrior’s is a brand new class aimed at those who don’t want to use the weekend as an excuse! It is an outdoor strength and conditioning class that will not only improve your all round fitness, but will also aid fat loss and leave you feeling great and full of energy for the weekend!
The class is suitable for all fitness levels!


Pilates is full body conditioning, involving low impact excercises and stretches, designed to improve core physical strength, flexibility, correct posture and enhances mental and body awareness. 

All prices mentioned are inclusive of 5% V.A.T.

Cancellation Policy: Please be advised that the Royal Country Club operates a strict 2 hours cancellation policy which will be charged. Therefore, please provide as much advance notice as possible.

Please register for classes in advance by calling +973 17 750777 (Ext:306) or sending an email to the Royal Country Club.