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Custom Fitting Service

All you need to do is bring your swing!

Allow us to professionally tailor your clubs to suit your unique needs. Custom fitting can be used to:

  • Adapt clubs to a player’s physical dimensions
  • Reduce the impact of a consistent swing fault
  • Encourage the correct technique
  • Eliminate specific shots such as slices, hooks or shanks

Our team of PGA professionals are also available to fix broken shafts and carry out other simple repairs. We carry a selection of steel and graphite shafts and can order most current shafts to your personal specification.

New grips are the fastest, easiest way to make an immediate impact on control, consistency and confidence in your golf game. These days grips come in many shapes, colours and sizes. We carry a large variety in stock and, depending on the repair, we can return your re-gripped clubs to you within 48 hours.

To book your custom fitting session fill out the form below. Alternatively to obtain a quote on repairs or re-grips, please contact Rory Tinker, Club Repairs Specialist on mobile +973 3328 9678 or by email.




If you would like to book a one-hour custom-fitting appointment with one of our PGA golf professionals, please complete the form below.